Tell-Tale Signs You Need a Brake Service Immediately

Posted on: 12 February 2018

Prevention will always be better than cure. Car brakes make this statement true by being the mechanism responsible for preventing accidents time and again while you are on the wheel. Being responsible for bringing thousands of pounds to a halt time and again means your brakes will wear out with time. And to ensure your braking system is always in perfect condition, regular brake service at a mechanic is necessary. Some of the warning signs to look out for that will alert you of needed brake service include:

A Sinking Brake Pedal

Is your foot brake suddenly less firm when applied? Or does it sink when the car comes to a complete halt? Either of these observations could point to a leak of brake fluid. Such a leak deprives the brake system of the required pressure necessary to maintain functions at an optimum level. The problem might also be a worn-out master cylinder. Regardless of the cause, the problem shall need immediate fixing by a mechanic.

Strange Sounds

Brakes will occasionally make some noise with their use. It is to be expected considering the significant amount of energy they absorb. However, when the braking system constantly squeaks, grinds or squeals, it may need some tuning. Grinding sounds, in particular, might point to worn out brake pads that need immediate replacing. Delays in doing so could lead to damaged rotors which will cost you significantly more.

Bad Vibrations

If your steering wheel, pedal or entire car vibrates when you hit the brakes, you might need some brake service. Often, such shakes may be caused by the brake rotors being warped and needing replacement. Alternatively, the problem might be fixed by having the rotors resurfaced, helping you reduce the brake service cost significantly.


Should your vehicle begin to pull to one side considerably when you stop, it's often due to a misaligned braking system. The good news here is the problem is relatively easy and inexpensive to fix. Ignoring the problem could, also, be very bad for you down the road (pun intended). It will lead to uneven wear needing more expensive and extensive repairs in future.

Should any of the above signs manifest, it will be necessary to consider a brake service for your car. An efficient braking system will only work well with tires & wheels that are in optimum shape. Therefore, keep track of the wear suffered by the tire treads. Tire safety checks are also advised to help you ensure your wheels are correctly working.  


Caring For Tires & Wheels

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