Why Adequate Tyre Inflation Is Critical For Your Vehicle

Posted on: 9 February 2018

Just like any other piece of machinery, your vehicle is only as good as the sum of its parts. Thus, to achieve optimal performance from your car, you need to make sure that all the components are receiving the repair and maintenance that they require on a routine basis. Undeniably, a critical aspect of your vehicle is its tyres. And although most motorists will be well aware of when they need to get their tyres replaced, it is the maintenance in between tyre changes that tends to become a challenge. One such maintenance measure that may seem innocuous but plays a critical role in the performance of your tyres is ensuring that they stay sufficiently inflated. If you believe tyre pressure is something that can be overlooked, here are a few reasons why adequate inflation is critical.

Inadequate inflation accelerates tyre wear

Some motorists may be under the impression that tyre inflation is more for aesthetic appeal, but this could not be more inaccurate. Driving around with tyres that are improperly inflated significantly diminishes the longevity of these auto parts. When your tyres are minimally inflated, they have a higher proclivity for damage, as the steel belts inside them become prone to warping. The result of this warping is a higher risk of a tyre blowout or recurrent flats whenever you are on the road. Take note that improper inflation can also increase the chances of leaks springing up in the tyres' sidewalls, which would translate into their premature replacement.

Inadequate inflation impedes on engine performance

Your tyres may be your car's primary point of contact with the highway, but this does not imply that their condition will not affect other components of your vehicle. When your tyres are not sufficiently inflated, they could have a considerable influence on the performance of your engine. Underinflated tyres will cause the vehicle's engine to overwork in an attempt to compensate for the diminished power. Subsequently, your vehicle burns more fuel while simultaneously decreasing your engine's lifespan. Continually driving around with underinflated tyres will not just translate into having to purchase new tyres, but you would have to deliberate on engine replacement too.

Inadequate inflation affects your handling of the vehicle

Another dangerous effect of driving around with insufficiently inflated tyres is you are at risk of having trouble with handling your vehicle. Firstly, poorly inflated tyres will stymie the car's grip on the road. Secondly, when driving with improperly inflated tyres, you will experience a delayed response from the vehicle. In both cases, you will be a hazard to other road users as well as yourself.

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